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Peak Liquid Packaging was one of the first companies worldwide to be involved in the manufacturing of pillow and form-fit liners and fitments for ‘Bag-in-Box’ style IBC totes. Established almost 30 years ago, the company operates from 2 locations, supplying liquid liners, and fitments to the dairy, food, cosmetics/toiletries, and bio-services sectors. We operate from  2 FDA/IMS accredited production sites in the UK and in Poland. We are an independent IBC plastic tote/ liner manufacturer and supply our products internationally including the US and Canada.  As a well being an established liner producer we  have built up  extensive technical know-how, industry knowledge and  market experience and can provide the liner that best suits your processing requirements. We work closely with strategic supply partners from the industry so that we can also offer IBCs and ancillaries – everything required for the bulk  ‘Bag-in-Box’ system.


All Peak Liquid Packaging products are accredited by US FDA/IMS for food contact use and to BRCGS IOP grade AA (ISO 22000 equivalent) standard. Controls are in place to meet the demands of these accreditations, covering hygiene and production quality processes as well as for site and personnel standards. We have also developed processes to ensure our  range of liners and fitments are suited for Kosher and European Pharmacopoeia applications.

Why Peak Liquid Liners?

  • Compatibility – Peak Liquid Packaging’s range of liners are compatible with most types of IBCs, Totes and single trip boxes used in the industry.
  • Product range – We offer an extensive range of liners /fitments which have been  specifically designed for transporting and storing liquid egg, dairy products and other liquid foods, and toiletries. Liners are available in sizes and fitted with 2″ or 3″ discharge glands and valves as standard. We also offer the VIP  integral valve as part of our range. In addition to the standard LLDPe based liners we offer a bespoke range including pink anti-static film liners.
  • Expert knowledge – With more than 25 years of industry experience we have built up an extensive knowledge of the technology required for liquid liner production.
  • Contingency- 2 site manufacture – we produce pillow liners at our 2 fully accredited factories ensuring shorter lead times and an alternative secure source of supply.
  • Cost-savings  – Our pillow liner is competitively priced offering you a cost saving alternative to ‘form fit’ style liners and is designed for efficient, ease of use by the operator.
  • Further savings – We can help cut down on your logistics costs by supplying different liner types in the same shipment.
  • Form-Fit liner – For high value  and high viscosity liquids we produce our ‘cube liner’, our equivalent  to the established ‘form fit’ liner which has been designed to reduce the amount of residual waste after dispensing, saving cost.
  • Ancillary products – We offer 275 gallon liners as standard and other sizes up to 330 gallon. We can also offer a range of ancillary products through our supply partners.
  • Customer assurance – We batch test liners ‘to destruction’ guaranteeing seal integrity and assuring you and your customer of a robust liner that can withstand the pressures of the filling process.
  • Further reductions – Due to technical innovations in the development of the base PE film we are able to offer a lower ‘mills’ weight delivering reductions in cost  and  plastics.

Why Peak Liquid Fitments?

High quality fitments are key to the successful filling and dispensing of the liner. The quality of the fitment is imperative in eliminating the risk of spillage or leakage during transit and storage of the filled IBC.  Accredited to FDA/IMS Peak Liquid Packaging’s fitments also ensure that the risk of product contamination is eliminated further down the manufacturing process.

At our factory in the UK, we produce a range of fitments including both 2 inch and 3 inch fitments as standard as well as BSP S60. Our range of fitments can be utilized with plastic, metal or fibre drums, and for sealing to drum liners as well as liquid liners (Bag-in-Box). All 2 inch and 3 inch glands are available with a range of membrane specifications. We also manufacture a range of box clips, handles and membrane cutters to suit your application.

  • Compatible fitments – Our range of both pillow and cube liners are fitted with a range of fully compatible dispensing fitments including the industry standard cutter-membrane discharge.
  • Own design – The Peak range of fitments is produced to our own design on in-house built injection moulding machines at our UK site. Our range includes  2 inch BSP, 3 inch BSP fill, the cost saving cuttable membrane discharge fitment., the VIP integral valve and many discharge options for optimizing dispensing of product.

See our FDA accreditation

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