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Whatever liquid product or food or beverage that is consumed in the home it is likely some or all of its ingredients were transported and stored in a liquid liner/bulk container (‘pallecon’) system. The IBC supports and contains the weight and mass of the liquid (be it liquid egg, milk, processed fruit, shampoo, cleaning detergent, bio and other products) but it is the liner place inside which is in direct contact with the liquid product and is relied on to maintain the hygienic quality of your product. Peak Packaging’s IBC liners are robust and comply with industry hygiene and food contact regulations. They are compatible for use in most types of bulk containers including the new generation of IBCs,  in sizes up to 1000L and fitted with a range of filling glands and outlets to suit your customer.

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At Peak we are constantly innovating to match our product with the demands of the market .

As well as our standard range of liners and fitments, we provide a bespoke service for liner designs to meet both your own and your customer’s needs as follows:


  • Barrier films – nylon, EVOH, Met-Pet
  • Pink anti-static film liners
  • Trunk liners for more efficient filling
  • Bottom film liners – for efficient liner filling requiring no handling
  • Tamper evident gland liners – for a low cost additional level of product protection
  • Alternative film colours – for identification of product in the process, or specific industry stipulation
  • Specialised industry standards – Pharmacopoeia, Kosher, FDA/IMS
  • Alternative fitments and ancillaries
  • Metal detectable membrane
  • Alternative positioning of filling and discharge glands
  • Non-standard sizes can be produced
  • Liners requiring alternative folding patterns can be supplied


  • Food – food concentrates, sauces, oils and dressings, chocolate
  • Dairy – milk, cream
  • Liquid egg processing
  • Cosmetics & toiletries – creams, potions, liquids, wipes
  • Fruit and vegetables processing and preserving
  • Water-based paints, household products
  • Bio products

Compatible with all types of IBCs/Pallecons

  • Plastic containers including the Combo
  • One trip boxes
  • Metal containers
  • Peak liners are also compatible with the new generation of IBCs suited to space-saving pallets
  • We work closely with IBC suppliers to offer a total package without the restriction of contractual agreements


  • In-house testing – 1% manufacturing liner sample tested to destruction
  • Every Peak valve is subject to  air-pressure testing to ensure seal integrity
  • Technical know-how and experience in the industry built up over 25 years
  • Liners are manufactured according to BRC established procedures and regulations
  • Liners are produced to meet FDA/IMS (Interstate Milk Suppliers) grades


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