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Peak liquid liners and fitments are designed for use in IBCs/pallecons for the hygienic storage and transportation of  cosmetics and toiletries. With BRC AA accreditation,  FDA/IMS certification and also working to European Pharmacopoeia(edition 9) Peak liners and fitments meet the standard demanded by your business. We have over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing liners for the cosmetics and toiletries industries and we know the challenges and issues of your industry.

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Peak liners and fitments are manufactured using materials graded to European & US Pharmacopeia standards. We constantly strive to  innovate and to keep pace with the demands of the marketplace. We manufacture our own fitments to BRC hygiene standards and as such offer you full product traceability.  At both  our European manufacturing sites, we undertake a series of in-house product tests, including air pressure tests on every in-house   manufactured valve.    Peak liquid liners are available in a range of specifications, sizes and film types – with clear/natural film the industry choice for toiletries/cosmetics products. Customer focus is an essential part of our business model and our experience enables us to match the most compatible liner to your business. Both pillow and cube liners are suitable in storing and transporting cosmetics & toiletry products. Cube liners have been designed to deliver an improved yield rate for more viscous or higher value products. The Peak range of fitments includes 3” fitments which deliver more efficient discharge of highly viscous products.

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Peak liners are compatible with most types of IBCs (‘pallecons’) and the new generation of space saving IBCs used for liquid products.

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