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Customer focus is an essential part of our business model, so whatever your liquid product we can work alongside you to match the most appropriate IBC (‘pallecon’) liner to your business needs. With 25 years of product experience we have accrued industry knowledge to design bespoke and specialist products.

Peak liners are suitable for use within the microbrewery sector as they are manufactured to food grade standards in our clean room environment. Air pressure-tests are carried out on each of our injection moulded fitments to ensure that, once sealed, the product is airtight and therefore any risk of oxygen contamination is significantly reduced.

Our liners are designed for use in food preserves such as pickling gherkins.  Other uses  include the storage of liquids used for electronic cigarettes, for the transportation of bio products and even as a weight to maintain the position of tents in large scale outdoor events.

If you see a potential need for our product in your business – even non-standard and unconventional – contact us. We have a flexible approach and are always looking to work with new companies and develop new applications for our liners.


Peak liners are compatible with most types of IBCs (‘pallecons’) and the new generation of space saving IBCs used for liquid products.

‘… customer service is where the quality is’  Peak Food Industry Customer


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