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A major attribute of Peak Liquid Packaging as a manufacturing company are the stringent accreditation standards which we maintain across both of our European sites. We are BRC AA Grade rated, FDA/IMS accredited and manufacture product in line with both Kosher and Pharmacopoeia (edition 9) standards for both liners and fitments.

What do our accreditations mean to your business?

Regulation for food hygiene standards
– Ensuring all Peak manufactured liners and fitments are approved for direct food contact eliminating the risk of contamination

Regulation of final product quality
– Ensure that each product that leaves the door is a quality product fit for purpose

Traceability of product and processes
– Documented procedures which allows us to trace our liners and fitments from raw material to end product

Regulation of good business practices
– We can effectively support your company in its operations through the assurances we provide

BRCGS – AA Grade Accreditation

Developed by the British Retail Consortium Global Standard, the BRCGS is a globally recognised manufacturing quality and hygiene standard, designed for food grade packaging manufacturers.

The accreditation covers both our liner manufacturing and our injection moulded fitments production. We are the only liner manufacturer in Europe to achieve ‘high hygiene’ AA grade accreditation across two sites offering excellent product quality and security and supply contingency to our customers. This also provides your business with assurances over traceability and product standards, in a “field to fork” style system of control.

Ilkeston, United Kingdom Certificate:

FDA/IMS Accreditation

A US standard for food packaging products, specifically related to hygiene requirements necessary for dairy processing.

Controls are in place to meet the demands of this accreditation, covering hygiene and production quality controls as well as the site and personnel standards. Both Peak manufactured liners and injection moulded fitments are approved by FDA/IMS.

Kosher Accreditation

Peak is equipped to produce both liners and fitments to meet globally accepted Kosher requirements. We ensure that all machinery is properly cleansed according to Kosher regulations prior to manufacture, and all materials used meet Kosher requirements.


Where required by medical/pharmaceutical customers Peak is equipped to manufacture liners and fitments to the exacting standards of Pharmacopoeia edition 9.

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